Baptisms are celebrated throughout the year and involve the entire parish community. Dates and times of preparation and the celebrations are planned by the Pastoral Team according to resources available. Preparation of parents and godparents is appropriate and done prior to the celebration dates at set times. We celebrate baptisms on Saturdays by 1pm and Sundays after 11am Mass.  Preparation usually takes place on the the preceding Sunday.  Requests for the celebration of baptism are best received early (even before the baby is born) so that planning may accommodate the circumstances of the family. Generally we recommend that you contact us three months in advance of the time you wish to celebrate so that we can schedule both preparation and the celebration itself. Please note that if you reside outside of our area, you must connect with your home parish and preparation must be completed there.

For those wishing to celebrate the sacrament in our community, you can submit your request using the online Baptismal Request Form You can do this by printing, completing, and returning the form linked here or by contacting the Pastoral Centre. Once we receive your information we will contact you with available dates for preparation and the celebration of the sacrament.

We have prepared a Guide for Parents that discusses the basics of Baptism. We ask that parents/caregivers read this document prior to the preparation session.






Eucharist is the heart of the Church and the heart of the Parish of St. Leonard. Presently we offer 4 occasions to celebrate Sunday Eucharist beginning on Saturdays 4:00 p.m.; Sundays at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.  Daily celebrations of the Eucharist are offered through out the year. 


Eucharist for children is preceded by a special time of preparation for the children and their families. Preparation begins at home from the time of baptism. Parents, godparents and other caregivers share their faith with their children. The parish coordinates and helps with gatherings for families  

prior to the actual date for the first occasion to fully participate in Eucharist, sometimes referred to as “first communion”. These celebrations usually take place during the 50 days of Easter each year. Children in grades two and up are welcome to take part in our preparation gatherings. Our preparation program for First Eucharist consists of home lessons, participation in liturgy, and parish workshops.



The faith journey involves changes in our sense of God, the universe, and one another. As we live and grow, our commitment to the world is molded by what we believe. Confirmation is a sacrament that celebrates the gift of the Holy Spirit guiding us through the journey of life. The Sacrament is normally celebrated after a time of preparation for those who choose take part. The Bishop of the Diocese visits to preside at this celebration of the parish.


Our preparation program generally begins in the fall and runs throughout most of the school year.  It involves a number of different components, including regular gatherings and other communal events. Our Confirmation preparation program is offered to young people in grades nine and up.